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15-OUR LADY OF THE ROCKIES - Stained glass window

15-OUR LADY OF THE ROCKIES - Stained glass window

Our stained glass window is our representation of OUR LADY OF THE ROCKIES. It is the shrine's primary devotional image dedicated to Our Lady under this title.

It was custom designed to reflect our location in the Rockies. We celebrate our mining history with the inclusion of the mine shaft and coal mine cars on the left of Mary. We also acknowledge our local fauna and wild life with the elk and the deer. The Three Sisters mountains appear at the top of the window and the actual Three Sisters can be seen through the two smaller windows on either side of the stained glass window.

The upper sky portion of the window is special for us because these cloud formations appeared during an outdoor mass that we celebrated on this site before the construction of our building. These "angelic" formations only appeared for about fifteen minutes during the homily and then disappeared.

Prayer to Our Lady, the Blessed Virgin Mary by St. Alphonsus Liguori

Most holy Virgin Immaculate, my Mother Mary, it is to you, who are the Mother of my Lord, the Queen of the world, the advocate, the hope and the refuge of sinners, that I have recourse today, I, who most of all am deserving of pity.

Most humbly do I offer you my homage, O great Queen, and I thank you for all the graces you have obtained for me until now, and particularly for having saved me from Hell, which, by my sins, I have so often deserved.

I love you, O most lovable Lady, and because of my love for you, I promise to serve you always and to do all in my power to win others to love you also. In your hands I place all my hopes; I entrust the salvation of my soul to your care.

Accept me as your servant, 0 Mother of Mercy; receive me under your mantle. And since you have such power with God, deliver me from all temptations, or rather, obtain for me the strength to triumph over them until death.

Of you I ask the grace of perfect love for Jesus Christ. Through your help I hope to die a happy death.  O my Mother I beg you, by the love you bear my God, to help me at all times, but especially at the last moment of my life. 

Do not leave me, I beseech you, until you see me safe in Heaven, blessing you and singing your mercies for all eternity,

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