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Our Mission:
We are a parish community united in Faith, Hope and Charity, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, dedicated to Mary, Mother of God, where pilgrims and community members come together for Formation, Worship and Evangelization for the greater glory of God.
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​We had the groundbreaking mass for the new Shrine, onsite on June 25, 2017.   Construction took three years, during which time we sold the old church and lots and celebrated mass in Our Lady of the Snows school gymnasium. 

​On May 30, 2020, Bishop McGrattan dedicated the new building to Our Lady of the Rockies.  Because of the COVID-19  pandemic, only clergy were in attendance.  By June 1, 2020 we moved into the Shrine Church.

The Spiritual Significance of a Shrine

    A shrine is a church or a holy place that is designated by the bishop as a site where the faithful may make pilgrimage for the reason of faith and devotion.  It is a consecrated place where the liturgical and the devotional life of the Church promotes a special closeness to God in and through the lived example of His Saints.

    A pilgrimage is the act of moving towards God, expressed in the gesture of visiting a holy site.  Just as the Church is a pilgrim towards the New Jerusalem of heaven, the individual members of the faithful who make a pilgrimage become conscious of one’s ascent towards the Creator by the help of His grace.  

   A shrine dedicated to Our Lady aims to foster greater devotion to the Holy Mother of God through pious practices.  The Blessed Mother is the greatest of all disciples.  Her full assent to the Father’s Will is a witness of her humility and her total abandonment to God. We are called to follow in her footsteps as we grow in our faith and trust in Him.  Being pilgrims ourselves, we hope to be fully united with God by the decision we make each day to take the next step forward towards Him.

The Monogram of the Shrine

   The AM monogram stands for Auspice Maria. It is Latin for “Under the Protection of Mary.”

   As a parish under the patronage of Our Lady of the Rockies, we place ourselves under the protection of our Blessed Mother.

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