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Funeral and Columbarium

Please contact the office at (403) 678-5022 for directions on setting up a Funeral Mass.

​​At the centre of our Catholic beliefs about death is the paschal mystery of Christ, that mystery which includes life here and hereafter and our own hope of resurrection. Therefore, the actions of a Catholic community when one of its members dies must as clearly as possible proclaim this central mystery. Particularly is this true when the community gathers to pray for the deceased and to support with its faith, hope, and love the grieving family and friends.

​Offering worship, praying for the deceased, and consoling the family are a primary ministry and responsibility of the Christian community. Therefore, members of our parishes should be actively encouraged and trained to take part in this ministry traditionally called a work of mercy (OCF, 8). ​​



​Our shrine has a columbarium for ashes interment. Two hundred and fifty-two niches are available for both parishioners and non-parishioners.  The prices range from $5,500 to $8,500 to be paid upon booking.   

​Note:  For a list of available niches and to get more information please email Fr. Pilmaiken Lezano


Download the following Columbarium By Laws for details.


Preplanned Funeral

Whenever possible, the family should be actively involved in planning and encouraged to take liturgical roles. Parishioners should also be encouraged to look ahead and to plan for their own funerals as a service to their families (0CF,17).  This is a great gift to a family that may be overwhelmed and grieving, to know that their loved one's wishes are being followed.

This is a checklist of what you need to decide for a funeral.   ​

These are the suggested funeral readings to choose from.

The Diocese of Calgary has published the following guidelines for funerals.

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