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December 2021

Thursday, December 16, 2021 – 7:00 pm in the Upper Room

Old Business:


· Consoling the Heart of Jesus course finished on Tuesday, December 14 with a consecration ceremony and adoration.

· Next course could be for the men’s group. St. Joseph Consecration by Galloway

OLS School

· OLS high school students study Immaculate Conception.

· French school requested a presentation, so Fr. Nathan gave a Holy Land slideshow.

Hearing Assist

· Robin Hemsing and Marta Bartley tested the hearing app and both like and will use it.

· Richard asked if anyone has old cell phones to donate without SIM cards to use onsite for people to try the hearing assist application.

· Will install decals on entrances to advertise the app.

Finance Report

· Dave has been looking at most effective way to raise money.

· He suggests that we prepare a survey to learn more about our parish. How many full time, part time and visitors attend.

New Business

Novena Masses

· Nine masses leading up to Christmas with take away breakfasts have begun. Twenty-eight breakfasts served the first morning.

· Church is decorated for Christmas and masses have subdued lighting (candles).

· Very favourable response from attendees.

Christmas Masses

· Bookings for two Christmas eve masses are full. Some room left for midnight mass.

· Christmas day registrations are filling up. (9:30-50, 11:30-100 and 2pm-50)

· We have volunteers for the Christmas Eve masses but still need help for Christmas Day masses.

· Christmas decorating has been completed except for the pew hangers which will be put up tomorrow.

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