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21-Historical items from Sacred Heart Church Canmore

21-Historical items from Sacred Heart Church Canmore

An effort was made to bring some items in our pilgrimage from Sacred Heart Church, Canmore to our new shrine.

As you visit the shrine you will find:

  • The two statues of Jesus and Mary from the front of the old church, now refurbished and sitting on the table of recognition.

  • The corpus of Jesus Christ was removed from the old crucifix and mounted on a new one above the SANCTUS SANCTUS SANCTUS gate.

  • The baptismal font that was originally in St Bernard's in Exshaw, now refurbished as a table of offerings.

  • The ambo has been refurbished and will serve as a lectern in our hall.

  • The incense thurible and stand were relocated to our shrine for outdoor processions.

  • The processional candles will be used as outdoor processional candles.

  • The altar chalices and ciboriums are now used on our new altar for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

  • Some of the old paintings can be found in the vestries/sacristies.

  • The outdoor rockwork was salvaged and will be used in our landscaping projects.

  • The steel Sacred Heart statue that was mounted on the outdoor wall of Sacred Heart will be relocated on our new site.

  • The relic stones from the former altar at Sacred Heart and Holy Trinity Church, Bankhead (closed 1922), were placed inside the new altar.

  • The small bell, part of the Bishop Grandin legacy, was refurbished and mounted in our bell tower.

Special mention: The former altar will be refurbished and used by St. Gabriel's Parish in Chestermere.

We give thanks to Almighty God for SACRED HEART CHURCH (1960-2018)
(Prayer of thanksgiving said at the closing mass of Sacred Heart Church, January 2018)

St Joseph, faithful guardian of Christ and of the Blessed Virgin,
we thank you for your intercession. 
We thank you for the custody of Sacred Heart Church for the 57 years. 
We humbly ask you to lift our prayers of thanksgiving.

Give Glory and Praise to the Father, that in this church our hearts have been raised to the worship in the celebration of the Eucharist.

Give Glory and Praise to the Son, that all who have come to this home have experienced His Love and Mercy as they visited the Blessed Sacrament and have partaken of the Sacraments.

Give Glory and Praise to the Holy Spirit, that those who have entered this Church have been transformed by his Love and have been renewed in their lives, and strengthened to go out and serve in the world.

All for Jesus, through Mary, following your example, protect us  St. Joseph as we begin our pilgrimage, on our way to our new home. We implore your powerful intercession. Amen

Our Lady of the Rockies, pray for us.

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