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06-The Nave

06-The Nave

The Nave of the Shrine Church of our Lady of the Rockies is based on the classic cruciform layout (In the shape of a cross). We can accommodate 422 for a celebration.

It features a face to face style confessional on the west side side and a traditional confessional on the east side. You will also find the St. Anne Family Room for those children that need a little quiet and cool down time during celebrations.

All the marble statues and marble pieces were obtained from two churches built near Chicago and in Buffalo in the 1890s. They were decommissioned in the 60s. The marble was brought to Calgary to refurbish a church there and the overflow was stored in seacans on a farm for close to forty years. The marble is either Italian Carrara marble or marble quarried in Vermont. A well known ecclesiastical artist was hired to clean and restore the statues and to custom build our altars and ambo from the marble pieces.

Lord, thank you for all you do in our lives. I am truly grateful for all you have provided me. From my friends to my family, you are always blessing me in ways I can't imagine or completely understand. But I feel blessed. Lord, today I lift up to you my church. It is the place I go to worship you. It is where I learn about you. It is where you are present to us, and so I ask for your blessings over it. 

Lord, I also ask that you give us a strong sense of your spirit in our church. I ask that you fill our hearts with all that you are and direct us in ways that we are always living in your will. I ask that you bless us in our direction and point us toward how we can do more in you. Lord, I ask that when people enter our church they feel you all around them. I ask that we remain hospitable to each other and to outsiders, and I ask for your grace and forgiveness when we slip up. 

Mahoney, Kelli. "A Prayer of Gratitude for Your Church."

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