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You are an important part of our Parish Community

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Let's talk about our regular donations as parishioners. These consistent donations are what sustain the parish on an ongoing basis; it is a gift back to the parish that gives so much to us as the faithful, and it also allows our church to be a gift to others. These donations make sure that the parish can plan according to consistent income. It’s also important to make sure you receive a tax receipt for your donations.

Automated giving is very important to the parish; the type that comes out of your account every month. We all have good intentions in being generous, and it can also be so easy to lose track of things for a while.

When you are discerning your gift, we propose committing to giving a gift that is planned, proportionate and sacrificial. You might have heard the word tithe; it comes from the phrase “the tenth part”, appearing in the Old Testament, traditionally offering back 10%. It’s been suggested that a full tithe: 5% to parish, 5% to others.

Ultimately, your gift is up to you and God. He sees in secret!


You can set up a recurring donation with the form in the back of the church, or online through the diocese

How much should I give?


What is tithing?

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