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St. Thomas Aquinas - Holy life

Prayer for a Holy Life

St. Thomas Aquinas - Holy life

Prayer of St. Thomas Aquinas for a Holy Life

Grant me, O merciful God, that what is pleasing to Thee I may ardently desire, prudently 

examine, truthfully acknowledge, and perfectly accomplish for the praise and glory of 

Thy name. Ordain, O my God, my whole life, and what Thou requirest that I should do, 

grant me to know it and to fulfill as is meet and profitable to my soul. Give me Thy 

grace, O Lord my God, that I may not fail in prosperity or in adversity, avoiding pride in 

the former and discouragement in the latter. May I rejoice in nothing but what leads to 

Thee, grieve for nothing but what turns away from Thee. May I wish to please or 

displease no one but Thee. 

May I despise, O Lord, all transitory things, and prize only that which is eternal. May I 

shun ant joy that is without Thee, nor wish for anything outside of Thee. May I delight in 

any work taken up for Thee, and tire of any rest which is without Thee. Grant me, O my 

God, to direct my heart toward Thee, and in my failings constantly grieve, with the 

purpose of a amendment. 

Make me, O Lord, my God, obedient without contradiction, poor without depression, 

chaste without corruption patient without murmuring, humble without pretence, cheerful 

without dissipation, mature without dullness, prompt without levity, fearing Thee without 

despair, truthful without duplicity, doing good without presumption, correcting my 

neighbor without haughtiness, and edifying him by word and example without hypocrisy. 

Give me, O Lord God, a watchful heart, which no curious thought will turn away from 

Thee; a noble heart, which no unworthy affection will drag down; a righteous heart, 

which no irregular intention will twist aside; a firm heart, which no tribulation will break; 

a free heart, which no violent affection will claim for itself. 

Grant me finally, O Lord my God, science in knowing Thee, diligence in seeking Thee, 

wisdom in finding Thee, a conduct pleasing to Thee, a perseverance trustfully awaiting 

Thee, and a confidence finally embracing Thee. May I endure Thy punishments by 

penitence; profit by Thy benefits by grace in this world, and enjoy Thy blessedness by 

glory in the next; Who livest and reignest, true God, forever and ever. Amen 

An indulgence of 3 years, once a day- Pope Leo XIII., Jan. 17, 1888

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