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Consoling Heart Morning Prayer

Your morning offering to Jesus

Consoling Heart Morning Prayer

Dear Jesus, I know that your Sacred Heart is sorrowful because so many people neither love you nor trust in you. Behold, Lord, here I am. Though weak and sinful, I love you and I trust in you.

I intend that all my actions this day be for the purpose of consoling you. Heavenly Father, in union with all the Masses being offered today, I give you praise and thanks for the many gifts you will send me, including the gift of my small sharing in the Cross. 

May this my prayer glorify you and console your Son. With the help of your grace, I resolve to remain all day in this prayerful spirit of praise and thanks and, further, to console Jesus by being merciful to my neighbor through my deeds, words, and prayers. 

Mary, my mother, come with your spouse the Spirit. Make my sacrifice of praise, thanks, and mercy a most pleasing consolation to your Son. Behold, I present to you all I am and have. Take my offering so it may pass through your Immaculate Heart, to Jesus’ Sacred Heart, and on to the Father, for his greater glory. Amen

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