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November 2021

The council has reviewed it's role and function in the parish over the last few meetings. These discussions have clarified our purpose and produced two mission statements. The council's own mission statement can be found at the beginning of this page. The church's mission statement is:

Our Lady of the Rockies Shrine is a parish community united in Faith, Hope and Charity, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, dedicated to Mary, Mother of God, where pilgrims and community members come together for Formation, Worship and Evangelization for the greater glory of God.

Old Business

  • First Reconciliation Classes (ongoing)

  • Consoling the Heart of Jesus course (ongoing)

  • First Thursday, Friday and Saturday devotions of each month.

New Business

  • Novena of masses before Christmas

  • Christmas mass schedule and registration

  • Christmas decorating

  • Hearing App for cell phones for hearing impaired parishioners and visitors.

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