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In the Autumn of Life

William Kurelek

In the Autumn of Life

In the Autumn of Life is one of Kurelek’s most powerful paintings. The far off blast of the nuclear bomb in the top left of the painting is a reminder to the world of the dangers of war and our need for solitary and peace in fragile times. The somewhat hidden figure of the crucified man at the bottom left of the painting is a further reminder of presence of God in our lives, very often in those who are suffering but neglected as the crucified man is in this scene.

The Art Gallery of Ontario has graciously allowed us to make a copy of the painting

Meditation:  Father, We pray with utmost hope and joy today . . . Come, Lord Jesus. Make our hearts fully match Yours. May we good and faithful servants this side of heaven, until in Your perfect timing You call us home or come back.

In Jesus Christ, our Savior’s Powerful Name,


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